I am a painter. I have focused on painting, printmaking and drawing holding a BFA from Tyler School of Art of Temple University and an MFA from Yale. I have lived up and down the east coast from Rhode Island to Virginia but moved to the mid-west and currently reside in the Hyde Park area of Kansas City, Missouri. 

Though my motif has evolved over the years I continue to depict the world around me. I look to my environment for my motif as this is where I find the unpredictability and randomness of nature stimulating. It is while experiencing the rural environment that I ask these questions: what sustains my gaze longer and can I work with a traditional motif that is also personal and convincing? My recent work continues a series of naturalistic depictions of the wild landscape including fallen trees and erosion and tree roots that gives me the substance, the metaphoric content and invigorates my engagement with the painting process.

I find the variations within nature are endless and this motif has granted me plenty to be engaged with, including the many subtleties and varieties within a range of colors or the infinite freedom of the touch of the brush. I find that each painting is informed by experiencing the woods yet each is also a unique improvisation of color and paint focused on capturing both light and space.


M.L. 2012



Matthew LaRose
Matthew LaRose